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We know it can be tough for land professionals to find oil and gas projects. It is also difficult for exploration companies, brokers and law firms to staff their land projects with capable professionals. Landserve is the solution. It was developed as a tool to coordinate the exchange between the job seeker and the job filler. As a cooperative for land professionals, Landserve works as a database of experience for those desperately needing to find it.

Local Projects, Local Talent

Many times clients ask that preference be given to local workers; yet at the same time, many land professionals travel far from their homes in order to find landwork. The cyclical and regional nature of our industry does create shortages of talented professionals, but we believe many of these shortages occur because there is no functional system to facilitate the exchange between the land agent and the land project. The Landserve system is designed to filter your experience and correlate your location with nationwide projects in an effort to keep you at home and in your own bed.

How it works


We designed the Landserve system to be simple yet powerful. Just answer a few questions, upload your resume, and create an account password for later updates. Our proprietary database processes your information and intelligently coordinates your qualifications and availability with ongoing land projects. If a current project opening is a match for your credentials, we will contact you about the job. If no project is immediately available, your resume remains safe in our system and is evaluated for all future openings and candidate searches.

Who we are looking for

The Landserve system was developed to specifically serve the oil and gas land industry and the US title industry by pooling and categorizing all levels of talent, ability and experience based on geographic locations. We are actively looking for landmen, lawyers, abstractors, analysts and agents with expertise across multiple fields and in all states. We need both in-house and field personnel, employees and contractors that have any experience with the following:

In addition to experience, we are also interested in interns and those who are new to the land service industry. Current students or recent graduates from petroleum land management programs, GIS programs, law schools or similar curriculum are encouraged to create an account as well as those with other related backgrounds. Upload your resume, and let the Landserve system do the job searching for you.


"It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready."

Theodore Roosevelt

We want your resume because we believe opportunities are waiting. We value your unique abilities and talents, and we believe that others will as well. By uploading your resume, you are not obligated to anything. You are simply asking to be notified about open positions that better utilize your particular mix of knowledge and experience. By submitting your resume, you are automatically considered for any current openings and for all future projects. Don’t undervalue yourself and underestimate the potential of the Landserve system to find the opportunity you deserve.

Behind landserve

Landserve was conceived by Joshua Nowell, AAPL Member and Certified Professional Landman, as a viable solution to common industry problems. As an independent contractor, he understands the complexity of balancing the current project’s workload with the urgent need to line up the next job. He knows the difficulty of working in remote places far from friends and families and the uncertainty of stability in the oil and gas industry. As a founder of Petrolia Land Company, he has experienced the hardships of staffing clients' projects with skilled professionals from the right place and at the right time and of keeping those same professionals busy with future projects.

The idea behind Landserve is simple: the ability to serve the client begins with the ability to serve the land professional. By shifting the emphasis from gaining projects to finding talent, Landserve puts the landman ahead of the land project. With geographical referencing, the system is designed to fill local jobs with local people, and by acting as a master database for the land industry, it is designed to offer more stability for land professionals. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to serving you!

Are you looking to staff a project?

Whether you’re an E&P company, engineering or law firm, or an oil and gas broker, the Landserve system has the talent pool you need to fill permanent positions or run short-term projects professionally, on time and under budget. Please take a minute to answer a few questions regarding your needs, and we will be in touch shortly.

Additionally, if you are looking for expert management and unquestionable integrity or if you need to broker or sub-broker a project, please check out our parent company, Petrolia Land Company.